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Moving from MYConnectAcct to MyBroadband

What is changing about my Conexon Connect bill?

Conexon Connect is making a billing platform change to streamline and enhance our customers’ billing experience with us. Although your billing statement will reflect some visible differences, your actual fiber broadband service is not changing, nor will there be any changes to your rates or bill payment schedule.

What differences will I see?

Your billing statement, effective in November, will be generated from a new Conexon Connect platform and will reflect some visible differences in the bill branding and the formatting of how the charges appear. Additionally, once your account is migrated to this new platform, you will access your online account through a web portal, MyBroadbandAccount, rather than your current MyConnectAcct portal and app. As part of this transition, you will be asked to set a new password and re-set your information and billing preferences. We will email you instructions walking you through these steps.

When will this billing change happen?

This change is effective with your November billing cycle.

Who do I call for billing questions?

For Conexon Connect customer service and billing questions, please call (844) 542-6663.

For Conexon Connect technical or equipment questions, please call (888) 318-2381.

Will I have to pay more for my service?

No, the price of your fiber broadband service is not changing.

Who do I pay for my service?

You will continue to make payments to Conexon Connect, however please note a new Bill Payment mailing address: Conexon Connect Dept# 6546 PO Box 11407 Birmingham, AL  35246-6546.

Can I still do autopay?

Yes, in fact, we encourage paperless billing, online payments, and automatic bank debit. Because this process can take up to 30 days to be effective, AutoPay will not work for your first bill, so please plan on making a one-time payment by check, credit card, or another method for your first bill.

Effective with your November dated Bill Statement, you can begin mailing payments to the remittance address listed on that November Bill Statement from Conexon Connect:

Dept #6546
Conexon Connect LLC
PO Box 11407
Birmingham AL 35246-6546

You will know AutoPay is in effect when you receive a bill statement from the Conexon Connect platform that reflects the message below indicating your account is set up to be drafted for payment. Please note our system will never draft an AutoPay if a payment has already been posted for that bill cycle.

Billing FAQ Autopay

My October dated Bill Statement has AutoPay set up but is set up to draft on a November date. Will my payment post correctly?

Customers whose accounts are impacted by AutoPay that have a draft date after 11/1 reflected on their October Bill Statement will receive an email advising them their AutoPay will not be drafted. If that applies to you, please make your payment on the new platform or mail your payment to the new address referenced in this FAQ.

Will my bill cycle and payment schedule still be the same?

Yes, your billing cycle will stay the same.

I already created an account in MyConnectAcct app. Can I use that login?

No. You will need to set up your account via the MyBroadbandAccount user portal.

How do I disable my account and payment information on MyConnectAcct?

Your existing account will be automatically disabled during the billing platform transition on November 1st. The only action required by you is to set up your new account information in the new MyBroadbandAccount user portal.

How do I set up my account on the new platform?

After Nov. 1, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for setting up your account in the MyBroadbandAccount portal.