Unlimited Home Internet

Conexon Connect brings reliable, affordable fiber internet to rural areas

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Business Internet

Scalable solutions for efficiency and productivity for every business

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Conexon Connect is now offering DIRECTV Stream

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Connect Voice

Conexon Connect brings crystal-clear and reliable voice services

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Fiber provides super-fast internet speeds and HD-quality phone services!

Transform your life with fiber services that work with every lifestyle and budget.

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Super fast speeds
and no data caps, ever!

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Home Phone

Crystal-clear voice service
and unlimited calls.

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The best of TV & On Demand
on your phone, tablet & TV.

Broadband Assistance Programs

A federal broadband assistance initiative designed to help Americans stay connected.

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Explore a world of opportunities without ever leaving home.

Fiber internet makes it possible.

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Work from home

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Online learning

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Access to telemedicine

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Better access to gaming & streaming

What can you do with fiber internet?

Everything you want… faster.

Check out how Conexon Connect speed packages compare to typical internet.

UPLOAD* 25 Mbps Basic 100 Mbps Premier 1 Gigabit Ultimate** 2 Gigabit
40 MB Presentation 13.4 sec 3.4 sec 0.3 sec 0.2 sec
100 Photos 2 min 29.4 sec 2.9 sec 1.5 sec
30-Minute Video 11 min 30 sec 2 min 54 sec 17.2 sec 8.6 sec
100 GB Backup File 9 hrs 30 min 2 hrs 24 min 14 min 18 sec 7 min 12 sec
DOWNLOAD* 25 Mbps Basic 100 Mbps Premier 1 Gigabit Ultimate** 2 Gigabit
100 MB Presentation 33.6 sec 8.4 sec 0.8 sec 0.4 sec
100 Photos 2 min 29.4 sec 2.9 sec 1.5 sec
2-Hour HD Movie 34 min 24 sec 8 min 36 sec 51.5 sec 25.8 sec
50 GB Game 4 hrs 48 min 1 hr 12 min 7 min 12 sec 3 min 36 sec

*Average file size:
Photo—3.5 MB x 100 = 350 MB
30-minute video = 2 GB
HD Movie—6 GB
MB = Megabytes (i.e. file size)
Mbps = Megabits per second (i.e. network speeds)

**Ultimate offers download speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second; upload speeds are typically between 1 and 2 gigabits per second. 2 gigabit speeds can be obtained by directly connecting via ethernet cable to the ONT. The device conducting the speed test must be capable of sending and receiving data at a minimum of 2 gigabits of throughput.