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About Conexon Connect

Conexon Connect is a nationwide internet services provider (ISP) committed to bridging the digital divide in America through locally-focused service. We deliver world-class fiber broadband (high-speed internet and digital voice) services to rural residents and communities.

Conexon Connect is part of rural fiber broadband design and construction management leader Conexon, and is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.

Conexon Connect works across the United States. The best way to check if you're in an active or upcoming service area is to check your availability here!

The Connect approach is a unique architecture and methodology that complements an electric cooperative’s infrastructure (grid). We overlay the infrastructure with fiber-optic cable to offer lightning-fast speeds and reliability in an extremely efficient way that allows the cooperative to provide world-class internet speeds at very affordable prices. Fiber-optic networks are considered the future-proof gold standard of high-speed internet communications transmission. In short, Conexon Connect is committed to bringing the advantages of high-speed internet to rural Americans and communities, a commitment shared by our electric cooperative partners, all of whom strive to improve the lives and communities of those they serve.

No. The partnership between your electric provider and Connect simply means Connect is serving as your internet services provider (ISP). You will receive a bill from Conexon Connect for the services you receive from us and will continue to receive your electric bill as normal from the co-op.

No. Your electric bill and costs will be completely separate from your broadband (internet and/or phone) service. You will continue to receive your electric bill from your electric provider (cooperative) and your internet and phone (if you subscribe) will come from Conexon Connect.

At this time, Conexon Connect is currently working with more than a dozen co-ops in multiple states. To see this list of co-ops, click the Check Availability button.

We do, however, continue to form new relationships with co-ops around the country. As those are finalized and new communities added to our list of future service areas, we will announce them.

A fiber-to-the-home-project

Building a fiber-to-the-home network is generally a multi-year intensive project encompassing numerous steps and efforts. For each project, the network will be built in zones or phases, with the number of phases dependent on the size of the cooperative’s service area.  Each phase typically takes about 12 to 18 months from construction start to customer installation.

Click the "Check Availability" button on our website and then provide your address or electric account number. We'll use that information to locate you and then provide you with an estimated timeline of when you can expect construction in your area to be complete. 

Additionally, we encourage you to complete the sign-up process and select your services. Signing up will put your property on the list for initial exterior prep work and will help us keep you updated as construction nears your area. 

Fiber Technology

With fiber internet, members will no longer have to rely on DSL, fixed wireless or satellite internet to stay connected online. Fiber lets you to stream high-definition media smoothly and quickly, you’ll have the data capacity to download and upload data such as files, photos and videos at super-fast speeds, and you’ll have access to the latest technological advancements and applications. With fiber you can run multiple devices – such as cell phones, computers and laptops – simultaneously in your home or business without decreased download and upload speeds.  There are no data caps or bandwidth throttling (intentional slowing or speeding of internet service) with our service. 

Conexon Connect builds only 100% fiber -to-the-home networks. Others may tout fiber, but in many cases that fiber stops at the street, meaning another transmission medium is needed to bring internet into your home. Many internet providers use fiber in their systems but use copper lines for the final connections to the home, resulting in slower speeds. Fiber to the home brings a new level of reliability and speed.

Installation and Connection

Once you sign up for service, fiber installation is simple. We pull fiber from our main lines and follow power lines to attach the fiber to your home or business. The fiber will run to your home or business in the same manner power lines run to your home or business. If your electric service comes from overhead lines, so will your broadband service. If your electric service comes from underground lines, so will your broadband service. Next, we attach the fiber line to a box near your electric meter where the inside wiring connects with the outside wiring. Finally, the fiber is connected to a fiber jack inside your home or office, where it’s plugged into the modem we provide.

Construction crews pulling and hanging the fiber and taking it to your home’s outside wiring are preparing the network to go live once construction in the area is complete. A Conexon Connect employee will contact you to schedule an appointment for an in-home installer to finalize your connection and test the services from your equipment. Once that install is complete and tested, your service should be ready to go.

You can bring your own Wi-Fi router and connect it to our modem. We recommend you take our managed Wi-Fi service that provides your home with the best experience. With the service we provide a carrier grade Wi-Fi router that can watch for potential issues and will auto heal the network to make your devices run as smooth as possible. This service also gives us advanced troubleshooting abilities if you do need to call us with an issue.

Your existing computers and Wi-Fi devices should connect to the Conexon Connect provided devices without the need for additional hardware purchases.

Conexon provides two pieces of equipment that are required to connect your home to the Internet.  One piece is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that converts the fiber optic signal coming into your home to a wired ethernet connection.  That wired ethernet connection then connects to a combination router/firewall and wireless access point, also called a Home Gateway, which is the second device.

The Home Gateway supports the following wireless protocols:

  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, simultaneous dual-band
  • 5 GHz 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) certified, 802.11a/n/ac compatible
  • 6x6 streams (2x2 @ 2.4 GHz and 4x4 @ 5 GHz)
  • 2.4 GHz 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) certified, 802.11b/g/ac compatible

The Home Gateway has four wired 1 Gbps ethernet ports to support wired devices.

Given the broad range of connectivity options provided by Conexon Connect, your current device should connect seamlessly to the provided equipment. 

If your computer does not have a network interface card (NIC) or support Wi-Fi, then additional equipment purchases may be required.  If this is the case, you may want to consider a computer upgrade to get the best experience from the Conexon Connect network.

As we get started building our world-class fiber-to-the-home network, in some cases, residents and members may see some changes in their neighborhoods. The installation of fiber requires more space, to prevent incidental contact with the fiber-optic cabling. As a result, some trees and vegetation near the lines may need to be trimmed, sometimes substantially, or in other cases removed altogether. Trimming trees or removing them is a necessary process to prevent damage to the fiber lines that can cause outages, threaten public safety, and risk property damage. It also ensures an efficient, cost-effective build that brings you fiber service sooner. We are committed to treating any impacted members and their property with quality service and respect. When right-of-way changes impact your home or property, we will work with you, the homeowner, as much as the project allows.

Conexon Connect's service

Connect offers three tiers of internet pricing, along with service enhancements and HD-quality phone service.

Ultimate (2Gig)
2 Gigabit (2,000 Mbps) Mbps Internet*
Includes Managed Wi-Fi
and Safe & Secure Package
Premier (1Gig)
1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps) Internet*
Basic (100Mbps)
100 Mbps Internet
HD-Quality Phone Service
Unlimited local and long-distance calls
$29.95/month with internet package
$39.95/month stand-alone service plus local taxes and fees
Safe and Secure Package $3/month
Managed Wi-Fi $4.95/month
Extended Wi-Fi Service $3/month per extender per device

The Connect Safe & Secure Package includes:

  1. Parental Controls consisting of an extensive set of controls that allow parents to easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices on their home networks. It provides them peace of mind by protecting their children from inappropriate or harmful content.
  2. Network Security that provides malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection. The service proactively monitors network traffic coming into the home, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.

Managed Wi-Fi Service, free with Connect Ultimate and available for $4.95/month with other packages, enhances your overall user experience. It helps deliver the fastest, highest quality Wi-Fi with advanced remote support capabilities that allow our tech support team to automatically identify and troubleshoot issues and make changes remotely – in many cases, before you even experience an interruption. This means quicker resolution of potential issues and convenience for you.

No. With fiber internet from Connect, you will have no data caps or throttling to ensure you the best service possible.

2 Gigabit Internet (2,000 Mbps)
Connect 35+ workstations and unlimited wireless devices
1 Gigabit Internet (1,000 Mbps)
Connect 15-35 workstations and wireless devices
100 Mbps Internet
Connect up to 15 workstations and wireless devices
Dedicated Fiber Services
Scaled to fit your business
Customized for business needs
HD-Quality Business Phone Service
Unlimited local and long-distance calls
Customized for business needs

Contracts will not be required for residential services, but there will be a contract for business services.

You can check your availability for services by going to ConexonConnect.com and selecting the cooperative you are a member of. From there, enter your information so that we can contact you in the future with all the latest information. When we are nearing the installation time for your community, we will reach out with sign-up access and to schedule your installation.

Phone Service

Yes, Connect is offering unlimited local and long-distance HD-quality phone service for $29.95/month plus any applicable local taxes and fees for those who package the phone service with internet. Connect’s stand alone phone service (without internet) is $39.95/month plus applicable taxes and fees.

In most cases, customers changing providers will be able to keep their phone numbers. If you choose to port your phone number, please do not contact your current provider to disconnect phone service since this will cause issues in the porting process. Conexon Connect will coordinate the port with your current provider. In the rare case that your existing phone number is not available to port, our customer care team will contact you to discuss options for phone service with Conexon Connect.

No. You can sign up for either internet or phone or both together in a single package.

International calling to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands is included in Conexon Connect’s voice service plans at no additional charge.   

You can request to turn on international dialing to countries outside of the included areas by reaching out to our customer care team at 1-844-542-6663. Please be aware that allowing calls to international countries increases the risk of fraudulent activity/charges and the potential for unexpected international charges. 

Billing and Account Management

Can’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Please contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.