Important ACP Update – Possible Program Termination and Enrollment Freeze

As of 12:00 a.m., February 8, 2024, in anticipation of the termination of the Affordable Connectivity Program, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will freeze new enrollments in the program. Any pending eligibility determinations and enrollments that are not fully completed by 11:59 p.m. on February 7, 2024, will not be processed.


Current enrolled participants will continue receiving their monthly ACP discount. Should the program be terminated in the second quarter of 2024 as expected, next steps and options for broadband service and billing will be communicated to enrolled participants.


This does not affect the FCC’s Lifeline Program. Lifeline discounts for phone or internet service will not be terminated. Lifeline participants may be eligible for a monthly discount of up to $9.25 off the cost of phone, internet or bundled services, or up to $34.25 off the cost of phone, internet or bundled services for those living on qualifying Tribal lands. To learn more, visit

ACP Program Updates FAQ

Why is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) ending?

The ACP launched in 2021 and was funded by the US government with $14.2 billion to offset the cost of high-speed internet for those qualifying participants. The program has been very successful in expanding nationwide access to fiber broadband. As a result of this overwhelming success, the funding is running out and is likely to be depleted by April 2024.


Is Conexon Connect deciding to end this program?

No. The ACP is a federally funded program. Due to its success and the number of participants, the allotted funding is projected to be depleted.


When does the ACP end?

The ACP is forecasted to end in April 2024; however, any new enrollments in the program must be fully completed prior to February 8, 2024.


Is it possible the ACP could still be extended?

Congress would need to issue additional funding for the ACP to continue beyond the April 2024 forecasted end date.


Will I be able to keep high-speed internet through Conexon Connect if the program ends?

Conexon Connect was created to deliver the best in internet access to those communities and consumers in need. Should the ACP program be terminated, we will advise you with next steps and options for your broadband service and billing, as you will be subject to our regular rates, terms and conditions.


How will this affect my Lifeline program discount?

If you currently receive a Lifeline discount for your phone or internet service, that discount will not be terminated.